Bibliographies of Phenomenology in Disciplines beyond Philosophy

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    Dear Colleagues,

    This department of the OPO website welcomes bibliographies of phenomenology in disciplines beyond philosophy.

    There is reason to believe that there are phenomenologists in at least the following disciplines: Architecture, Cognitive Science, Communicology, Counseling, Cultural Anthropology, Ecology, Economics, Education, English, Ethnic Studies, Ethnology, Ethnomethodology, Film Studies, French, Geography, Behavioral, Geography, Social, Hermeneutics, History, Linguistics, Law, Literature, Medical Anthropology, Medicine, Musicology, Nursing, Philosophy of Religion, Political Science, Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychopathology, Religious Education, Social Work, Sociology, and Theology. Whether our tradition is more multidisciplinary than positivism will remain to be seen. Much research in done in them.

    These bibliographies can be in any language that MS Word can handle and we expect that many such bibliographies will be multilingual, as is our tradition.

    Relevant items philosophers will no doubt appear in such lists. And some of these bibliographies are rather multi-disciplinary.

    We prefer that the bibliographies be submitted in chronological-alphabetical form (see the one for Political Phenomenology, with which this department is begun). We can easily make an alphabetical version so that both will be available, but it is difficult to go from alphabetical to chronological, while the opposite is easy.

    The email address of the colleague who has submitted a bibliography will be included at the head of each bibliography so that other colleagues can send him or her additional items. Additions can be sent periodically to by that compiler, who is responsible for deciding what to include. Probably few additional items from the past will come in after the first year or two. After that it will be a matter of keeping up with what is published and "Calls for Items" can be put in the NEWSLETTER OF PHENOMENOLOGY. Counters on this whole department and on the particular bibliographies have been included so that a sense of interest in these disciplines beyond philosophy can be gained.

    Lester Embree

    You can access the bibliographies that have been completed by clicking on the following links:

    1. Bibliography of Political Phenomenology - Chronological Version

    2. Bibliography of Political Phenomenology - Alphabetical Version

    3. Alfred Schutz Bibliography

    4. Communicology Bibliography

    5. Chronological-Alphabetical Bibliography of Phenomenological Nursing

    6. Alphabetical Bibliography of Phenomenological Nursing

    7. Bibliography of Pedagogy and Education Theory

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