The Organization of
Phenomenological Organizations

OPO III meeting in Hong Kong 2008 Report

The magnificent third meeting of the Organization of Phenomenological Organizations (OPO) was held during December 15-20 at Chinese University of Hong Kong under the leadership of Chan-fai CHEUNG and his staff led by Joyce CHEUNG, to whom all are deeply grateful. He had the patronage of Dr. Edward CHENG and the support of the OPO Executive Committee and the Center for Advanced Research in Phenomenology, Inc. Click here to see the Hong Kong program. Click here to view some pictures of the OPO-3 meeting.

Besides the rich program of presentations and discussion there were caucuses of delegates by region to discuss matters of shared interest and to develop additional motions for the general business meeting or assembly.

The following six motions were passed by the assembly of OPO delegates meeting in Hong Kong:

(1)that OPO recognize the five regions in the world already used for publishing Phenomenology 2005, i.e., (i) Asia-Pacific, (ii)  Euro-Mediterranean, (iii) Latin America, (iv) North America, and (v) Northern Europe;

(2)that for the next three years the Executive Committee have the following composition: (a) the previous organizers of the international meetings, i.e., CHEUNG Chan-Fai (People’s Republic of China), Ivan CHVATÍC (Czech Republic), and Rosemary RIZO PATRON (Peru) and (b) from the five regions (i) LEE Nam-In (South Korea), TANI Toru (Japan), Lubica UČNÍK (Australia), YU Chung-Chi (Republic of China), (ii) Ion COPOERU (Romania), Pavlos KONTOS (Greece), and Augustín SERRANO DE HARO (Spain), (iii) André DUARTE (Brazil), Rosemary RIZO PATRON (Peru), and Antonio ZIRION (Mexico), (iv) Michael BARBER, Lester EMBREE, and Thomas NENON (all USA), and (v) Dermot MORAN (Ireland), Hans Rainer SEPP (Germany), Marcia SCHUBACK SÁ CAVALCANTE (Sweden), and Tatania SHCHYTTSOVA (Belarus);

(3)that, concerning dues, (i) the annual dues for formal member organizations of OPO be raised from 30 euros to 35 euros or, since the two currencies are now widely divergent, the equivalent in dollars, and (ii) essays will be published in Phenomenology 2008 by up to two representatives selected by each formal member organization, i.e., only those that have paid up their dues through 2008;

(4) that, concerning the so-called “official languages” of OPO, there henceforth will be no official languages, colleagues deciding for themselves which language to present and publish in, limited only to the scripts that standard wordprocessing programs can handle and provided that a 300 word summary in English is included;

(5)that the next meeting of OPO will take place in 2011 in Madrid, Spain, with Augustín SERRANO DE HARO as convenor; and

(6) that the OPO Executive Committee select one of its members to serve as “Secretary General” for the next three years.

Subsequently, Ion COPOERU was elected Secretary General.


For the Executive Committee

April 17, 2009